It’s surprisingly difficult to achieve “perfect” toenails as compared to fingernails.

This is partly because feet and therefore, toenails, are for the majority of the time kept in a warm, potentially moist and restricted environment i.e. socks and shoes. Toenails can be subjected to rubbing, pressure and repeated banging against the shoes – all of this, over time, can have a detrimental affect on them, causing them to thicken or deform in response to the repeated trauma.

The most common problems to affect toenails are discoloured toenails, ridged, dull or brittle toenails, ingrown toenails, fungal infections and bacterial infections. Read more about ingrown toenails and fungal infections • here •

Discoloured toenails – where the nail has taken on a yellowish appearance either as a result of abnormal thickening or staining from nail varnish is very common. Nail brittleness is another common complaint characterised by weak nails that split, flake and crumble and is usually caused by poor hydration of the nail. Having been a podiatrist for over 20 years I know only too well how many people are dissatisfied with the appearance of their toenails and this is exactly why I have spent the past four years pouring my heart and soul into the development of the Dr Anders range.

Dr Anders Nail Conditioning Treatment contains sodium thiosulphate which breaks down the disulphide bridges in the nail.


These are the bonds that form between the keratinised cells in the nail plate, which if they become tightly packed together make the hard and thick. By reducing the bonds between the keratin cells, the Nail Conditioning Treatment makes your nails more flexible.

It also contains Dermosoft ® decalact, which is is a powerful antimicrobial proven to eliminate the Trichophyton species of fungus. Dermosoft ® decalact is 100% natural and ECOCERT registered.


It also hydrates the nail cells, using humectants to attract and hold in water; so that the nails that are softer and less brittle and softens and nourishes the nails using natural oils; to increase the flexibility.



We are receiving some amazing feedback from our customers, such as this –

“I’ve suffered with these horrible toenails for years, I just can’t believe the difference this product is making!”


Why don’t you try it for yourself, to purchase Dr Anders Nail Conditioning Treatment please click • here •



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