What are your main foot concerns?

I have athletes foot in between my 4th toe and 5th toe.

I also have clicking ankles – they click when I walk. It started on one side about 7 years ago. Now both ankles click. It hurts sometimes, particularly when it’s cold. I would describe the pain as an ache in my ankle bones.
I have been told the clicking is air pockets, I’ve been told it’s the tendons clicking.
The main thing I took from mentioning it to the Doctor was that it seemed like there was little to be done for it.
“If it doesn’t need fixing – then leave it” – that old chestnut. 7/8 years later, both my ankles remain clicking when I walk.


What impact have they had on you?

I have had athletes foot for a number of years. It is at a stage now where it is under control and it doesn’t bother me. I ALWAYS dry in between my toes and I use Foot cream sporadically.

The clicking ankles, on the other hand, is more so an annoyance than a physical impairment.
I can walk fine, although as mentioned, my ankle bones ache when the weather gets colder. I suppose it’s just strange how they click all the time – I best get used to it. I do feel like this cannot be helped.

What would you change about your feet?

I would like to be able to walk without the sound of my ankles cracking every step.

What do you like about your feet?

I like my small dainty feet. I think I have “Girly” feet. I have good Toe length I think. (I.e My 4th toe isn’t larger than my second toe type of thing).
I have good toenails – I don’t paint them often at all so they aren’t discoloured or brittle. I would say they look like a healthy nail and I trim them regularly.

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