What are your main foot concerns?

My right foot has always been at least a full size smaller than my left, I also have reduced movement in my right toes and hard skin on both heels that can sometimes be painful.

What impact have they had on you?

Because of the size difference of my feet and the reduced movement in my right toes I have never been able to wear flip flops. I can flip with my left but when I try and flop with my right I cant keep them on!!!

This has been very frustrating in previous summers and on holidays as everyone around me were able to get their feet out. You can imagine how delighted I was when Toms espadrilles became a thing!!

What would you change about your feet?

I would like them to be the same size and I would love to be able to wiggle both sets of toes!

What do you like about your feet?

Not alot ?

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