What are your main foot concerns?

Being insulin dependant diabetic means I am always conscious about my foot health, I developed diabetes 12 years ago, at age 30 following pancreatic problems when I was 21. One of my favourite things is shoes, the higher the heel the better, and one of the things I have to make sure I don’t do is create any sores or blisters on my feet, this doesn’t always go together very well!

I have also noticed, even moreso in the last 5 years, that I have to continually monitor the skin on my feet, I have a build up of dry hard skin if I do not look after them daily, I have to exfoliate the dry skin several times per week and use a really high quality moisturiser daily.

What impact have they had on you?

There are certain shoe types I have to avoid, I do still wear my heels but cannot wear some of the styles I would have worn pre diabetes. I check my feet daily and have to carry a pair of the folding flat pumps with me when I go out on a night out just in case I get any sore areas on my feet so I can swap out of my heels.

Its a pain having to moisturise my feet every day, I can’t go for a ‘normal’ pedicure and opt for looking after my feet myself as I don’t think I need podiatry input just yet, but I would not trust someone without any medical knowledge near my feet in case they caused any cuts.

What would you change about your feet?

I would like to not have to worry about them being so dry and the build up of hard skin.

What do you like about your feet?

I am not a fan of feet so there isn’t much I like about them!

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