Dry, cracked

the dryness. I am type 1 diabetic and i also have diabetic charcot foot. The dryness and cracking can be sore and no creams that I use are helping the issue. My podiatrist has run out of ideas

Small, Bony, Clicky (I have clicking ankles)

I have athletes foot in between my 4th toe and 5th toe. I also have clicking ankles – they click when I walk. It started on one side about 7 years ago. Now both ankles click. It hurts sometimes, particularly when it’s cold. I would describe the pain as an ache in my ankle bones. …

Clean, soft

I think I may have fungal nail. I would like to understand how I ca man get rid of this and ensure there is no recurrence.

Continuous hard work

Being insulin dependant diabetic means I am always conscious about my foot health, I developed diabetes 12 years ago, at age 30 following pancreatic problems when I was 21. One of my favourite things is shoes, the higher the heel the better, and one of the things I have to make sure I don’t do …

Toes don’t work

My right foot has always been at least a full size smaller than my left, I also have reduced movement in my right toes and hard skin on both heels that can sometimes be painful.