As a podiatrist with many years experience, I felt really strongly that existing products on the market weren’t suiting people’s needs. They’d been developed by companies which didn’t have the same insight into patient care as myself, big brands who weren’t really thinking about the complexity of feet and the kind of products required to get people to engage with a truly beneficial footcare regime.

Because the skin on the feet is much thicker than anywhere else on the body, a lot of products tend to be gloopy and greasy, as if manufacturers had taken a standard formulation, added more waxes, and believed it to be an effective foot product. It isn’t.

A lot of patients say to me how much they don’t like putting thick creams on their feet – put it on in the morning and they’re slipping around all day; at night and it goes all over the sheets. People don’t like the smell of them either – so often manufacturers resort to peppermint and menthol. I don’t know why they think people might want minty feet! Companies had come up with generic formulations that had little or no relevance to patient need.

It seemed to me that there must be a solution that delivered effective benefits and did so in a way that was actually pleasurable rather than functional. And that’s why I decided to set out on the road of creating my own range of products – so that people were unshackled from these old existing creams and could enjoy something truly original and beneficial.

I wanted something that feels luxurious and has real benefit but also smells and feels great. The fragrance process alone took more than 18 months. We refined it and refined it until we got it right. I wanted the products to have a unisex appeal, but with a real high-end fragrance, such as people might seek out at an after shave or perfume counter.

I also wanted to ensure that all the ingredients were non-irritant, natural and pure, and hadn’t been tested on animals. I wanted an ethical product that worked. I’ve poured my heart and soul into the development process, working hands-on with a major British manufacturing company which delivers some of the finest skincare products on the market.

To see the products not just out there, but offering the exact benefits that people were looking for has been incredible. Their reaction means such a lot because they are exactly the ones I was trying to help. I’m absolutely thrilled that people are reaping the benefits I wanted them to.

There is no point in coming up with products that people do not believe in or like. Footcare is a serious issue. All sorts of conditions afflict millions of people. I want my products to be an experience that people will enjoy and adopt as part of a regular regime

To create the Dr Anders range I have used scientific knowhow and innovation to ensure my products are instantly absorbed, indulgent, luxurious, and clinically effective while also making people feel fabulous.

Why shouldn’t that be the case? Those with foot conditions are not second class citizens. They deserve the absolute very best.

And with the Dr Anders footcare range, that is exactly how I want you to feel when you use the products – for more information click here.


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