Today we welcome Richard Povey to our Podiatrist Spotlight. Richard is the owner of RP Podiatry, 48A Main Street, East  Bridgford, NG13 8NH.


What attracted you to a career in podiatry?

Podiatry chose me! I had planned to train as a physiotherapist but it was extremely competitive. The University of Huddersfield offered me a place on Podiatry with the prospect of doing physiotherapy after the 3 year course, but once I qualified I never thought of physiotherapy again.


How did your career develop?

I had 4 years in the NHS which gave me some amazing experiences and allowed me to go into private practice more aware of what I feel comfortable and confident to treat. Private practice has allowed me to develop those skills mainly due to the continuity following patients from initial assessment through treatment hopefully to a successful outcome.


What are the most common foot problems you see?

The most common problems I see are normally related to poor fitting footwear (callus, corns, pain) but this year has seen an increase in heel pain (still often from footwear).


What’s your number one tip on how to look after your feet?

My favourite foot tip is for those patients who say they don’t have time to put cream on their feet. If they watch a TV soap/nightly news then get them into the routine of applying in the advert or end of the program so that they should be applying it at least 2-3 times a week.


Thank you to Richard for taking part in our Podiatry Spotlight. To book an appointment at RP Podiatry please contact 07841 589921, email now, or visit his facebook page RPPodiatry

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