Today we welcome Robert McCririck to our Podiatrist Spotlight. Robert is a musculoskeletal (MSK) specialist podiatrist and the owner of Tweed Podiatry at 40-41 The Square, Kelso.


What attracted you to a career in podiatry?

As a sporty youngster, my interest in podiatry stemmed from sports injuries such including foot and ankle injuries. There’s a family connection too – I often visited my uncle, who is a podiatrist in Canada, and became really interested when I began watching him work. I think that is where I developed an idea that podiatry could open many doors and allow me to explore my interests further.


How did your career develop?

I studied at Queen Margaret University and worked part time in the NHS, while finishing my honours year. After that I began my full-time career in the NHS, moving into specialist roles and working there for around three and a half years. I then moved to Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba), where I worked in a sports/MSK-focused podiatry clinic and before returning to the UK to work in private practice and education. Today, I own and run Tweed Podiatry in Kelso as well as working with Foot Care Scotland at The Edinburgh Clinic and Fettes College. I am also a visiting lecturer at Queen Margaret University with an interest in musculoskeletal injuries, anatomy and orthotics.


What are the most common foot problems you see?

As my special interest lies in sports injuries, I see a lot of running injuries such as plantar heel pain, ankle injuries and tendon/ligament damage. Aside from sports injuries, my practice covers much of the scope of what a podiatrist can do, ranging from children’s foot problems to nail surgery and beyond. Variety is the spice of life, as they say.


What’s your number one tip on how to look after your feet?

For those who do regular sport I would say the biggest reason for injury is pushing yourself too hard too soon. Our bodies are amazing at adapting but Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time and be sensible with your training patterns and goals. Try to have plenty variety in your activity to keep yourself fit and injury-free. And if you do get hurt, see a professional sooner rather than later.


Thank you to Robert for taking part in our Podiatry Spotlight. To book an appointment at Tweed Podiatry please contact 01573 228098, email or visit the website at

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