Today we welcome Jo Lambourne to our Podiatrist Spotlight. Jo is the owner of  Care For Feet and provides clinic appointments in Buxton, Chapel-en-le-Frith and Bakewell. Here Jo talks about what attracted her to a career in Podiatry and the types of foot problems Jo and her team treat.

What attracted you to a career in Podiatry?

At the 20-week ultrasound can of our 3rd child we were informed he would be born with bilateral Talipes Equinovarus colloquially known as ‘club foot’.  At that time, I didn’t understand what it was or the implications. I started to research the condition and quickly realised how fascinating and important the human foot is.

After I gave birth and my son started the ‘Ponsetti’ method of treatment I enrolled at the local college on an ‘Access to Higher Education’ course to enable me to study Podiatry at University. I received a ‘Learner Achievement Award’ from the local Mayor and then at University I gained a first-class honours Degree.

I think as a woman when you pause your career whilst raising your children it’s an ideal time to reflect and try something completely different.  I started my private podiatry business nearly 6 years ago as a domiciliary service and opened my first podiatry clinic 2 years later and I now own 3!

Working alongside me in my clinics I have 3 associate podiatrists; Madeleine, Graeme and Lucy, receptionist Caroline and Bethany our apprentice business administrator. All of the clinicians have their own specialisms, because I learnt early on you cannot be the ultimate authority on every aspect of podiatry. We learn from each other for the benefit of all our patients.

We treat many types of foot problems in our clinics

All three of my clinics are located in semi-rural locations in the North Derbyshire area, which sees some harsh weather in the winter months. Reflecting back on just today’s patients, every single one of them had a fungal infection either on their skin or nails, all had patches of callus and one of them chilblains!

Mostly, we get a mix of active walkers who need help with painful corns and thickened nails alongside farmers who spend too much time in wellies and have had a cow or two stand on their feet not to mention a few splinters in their toes!

In my Bakewell clinic I get tourists in the summer months who rebook with me every year as part of their holiday treat!

Home visits can take you off the beaten track a little and we have all been lost a few times, but there’s always a warm cup of tea to welcome you!

If you would like to book and appointment with Jo and her team please visit the Care For Feet website or contact 01298 937921 for appointments in Buxton and Chapel-en-le-Frith or  01629 259672 for appointments in Bakewell.





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