It’s great to see guidance published that has involved the perspectives of those living with diabetes. I’m particularly proud of my friend Chris Aldred aka the Grumpy Pumper who has made a significant contribution to the wording of this new position statement on foot health and diabetes.

The iDEAL diabetes team highlight the importance of early identification of foot problems, recognise the significant psychological distress foot complications can create and call for improved clarity regarding referral pathways. Read the full paper » here «

It’s also encouraging to see the recommendation to no longer use the terms ‘Diabetic Foot or Diabetic Ulcer’ as these add to the stigma experienced by people with diabetes – this is something I’m particularly passionate about and have written about previously » here «

It would be great to hear about your experiences, do you feel confident about knowing what to look for when checking your feet? What would you do if you discovered a problem? Have you had a foot screening examination? Did you receive any advice?

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