I’m very excited to be working with OSGO Healthcare to promote the value of Podiatry

“Why would you want to look at feet all day?”

That’s a question podiatrists are asked time and time again. Feet aren’t the sexiest part of the body, and the podiatry profession doesn’t attract the same kudos as other areas of medicine. However, in a quiet, unassuming way my colleagues are keeping people mobile, independent and easing the suffering that foot problems can cause. Foot pain isn’t normal, it’s not unusual for patients to comment that they are “walking on air” after a visit to a podiatrist, surely a profession that can make people feel so good deserve to be celebrated more!

My mission is to promote the importance of foot health for everyone, champion the podiatry profession and promote the value of podiatry to raise awareness that with a little care, many foot problems could actually be prevented from developing.

This is why I also felt really strongly that existing products on the market weren’t suiting people’s needs. They’d been developed by companies which didn’t have the same insight into patient care as myself, big brands who weren’t really thinking about the complexity of feet and the kind of products required to get people to engage with a truly beneficial foot care regime.

There is no point in coming up with products that people do not believe in or like. Footcare is a serious issue. All sorts of conditions afflict millions of people. I want my products to be an experience that people will enjoy and adopt as part of a regular regime

To create the Dr Anders range I have used scientific knowhow and innovation to ensure my products are instantly absorbed, indulgent, luxurious, and clinically effective while also making people feel fabulous.

Read more about why I created the range – here –


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