Why would you want to look at feet all day? That’s a question podiatrists are asked time and time again. Feet aren’t the sexiest part of the body, and the podiatry profession doesn’t attract the same kudos as other areas of medicine. However, in a quiet, unassuming way my colleagues are keeping people mobile, independent and easing the suffering that foot problems can cause.

I’m proud to be a podiatrist, it’s a career I’ve enjoyed for over 20 years and I’m still inspired by how incredible our feet are, yet humbled by the impact foot problems can have on people’s lives.

Leonardo da Vinci stated that “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” He was right. Everything our feet do confirms them as a marvel of engineering. This network of nerves, muscles, and blood vessels, all working in unison, helps us walk, stand, balance, and run. They contain a quarter of all the bones in human body.

My mission is to promote the importance of foot health for everyone, champion the podiatry profession and promote the value of podiatry to raise awareness that with a little care, many foot problems could actually be prevented from developing.

This is why I have decided to run a ‘Podiatry Spotlight’ every week, over the next 12 weeks, to focus on the amazing work that podiatrists undertake. I will be asking questions such as what attracted to them to a career in podiatry, the types of foot problems they treat, and top tips for foot health.

Our feet work so hard for us every day, foot problems are common and not all feet are perfect. If we gave our feet a little more attention we could prevent many problems from developing. Foot pain isn’t normal, it’s not unusual for patients to comment that they are “walking on air” after a visit to a podiatrist, surely a profession that can make people feel so good deserve to be celebrated more!

So, take a read of our Podiatrist Spotlights over the next 12 weeks and hear what the professionals say.

You can read the first spotlight on Helen Richards, Lead Practitioner at Heels & Toes Podiatry, here. 

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