The most common cause of foot problems in people with diabetes is repeated pressure on particular parts of your feet, often caused when you walk.

This repeated pressure causes hard skin to build up. If hard skin builds up it starts to press on the soft skin underneath it which can sometimes damage it and cause it to break down.

If you have small areas of hard skin then you can gently use an exfoliator or a suitable foot file to remove it, but do take care not to damage your skin.

If you have lots of hard skin, see your podiatrist to have it removed.

If you have diabetes your feet may sweat less, so your skin can become drier. Using a moisturiser such as Intensive Rescue Balm regularly until the dryness improves and then continue to use Nourishing Daily Therapy every day to keep your skin healthy and supple.

If your skin is very dry and it becomes cracked and red or the skin splits then see your podiatrist as soon as you can.

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