Damage to the blood supply to your feet can happen gradually, so it’s important to know what to look for especially if you have diabetes.  You should be more careful with your feet and make sure you seek advice early if you notice any of the following changes:

  • Cramp in your calves when you walk which goes when you rest. You may also have pain in your thighs or buttocks
  • Shiny, smooth skin
  • Losing hair on your feet and legs
  • Thickened toenails
  • Cold, pale feet
  • Any change in the colour of the skin on your feet, for example, red, purple, blue or paler skin
  • Wounds or sores that take a long time to heal
  • Pain in your feet when you put them up – for example, when you go to bed at night. You may have a burning type of pain in the arch or ball of your foot or in your toes which gets better when you lower your feet down – for example, when you dangle your feet out of bed


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