Looking after your feet is something best done every day. But it’s something which shouldn’t take long – in fact just a few minutes every day can be enough to help prevent serious problems in the future.

 1) Check your feet. You’re looking for any changes from yesterday as well as the previous days and weeks. Check for redness or swelling, changes to the colour of your skin, injuries, fluid coming from a wound or pain. If you find it difficult to check then use a mirror on the floor so you can see the soles of your feet, or ask someone else to look for you.

If you spot any changes to your feet that last for more than two days, see your podiatrist, nurse or doctor.

2) Wash your feet with warm water and soap. Before you put your feet in, use your hand or elbow to check the water to make sure it’s not too hot. Dry your feet well especially between your toes.

3) Moisturise. Use a moisturiser and rub it into any dry areas on your feet.

 That’s it. That’s your basic daily foot care routine.

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