Our feet are highly complex, with 26 bones working together to allow our feet to adapt to uneven walking surfaces, and act as a shock absorber with each step we take. Our bones are usually fully hardened by the age of 18, however when we are born our feet are composed mainly of relatively soft and flexible cartilage which gradually converts to bone with age.

During this period of development children’s feet can be at risk from injury and deformity due to ill-fitting footwear and great care should be taken with shoe types and shoe fitting. Foot abnormalities can also have an effect further up the body by altering posture and walking style. This is similar to the way that poor foundations can cause general structural problems and instability to a house.

Many of the problems found in children’s feet are associated with growth, overuse, weight gain and postural change. A podiatrist can help your child by providing an initial diagnosis and then either managing the condition or referring to an appropriate consultant. 

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