Now that restrictions are easing with regard to beauty treatments and Covid 19 guidance you might be thinking about booking an appointment with your salon.

However if you have diabetes it makes sense to be careful when it comes to beauty treatments and your feet, so you may find the following advice useful.

Wearing nail varnish on your toenails is fine, but take it off and reapply it regularly so that you can check your nails. Have periods of time when you don’t wear nail varnish at all.

Having a pedicure can make you feel pampered, but make sure that you go to someone who knows how to use beauty treatments on someone who has diabetes and that all their equipment is sterilised to prevent cross contamination.

Use foot spas with care. Check the temperature of the water to make sure it’s not too hot before you put your feet in. If you’ve been told by your podiatrist that you have nerve damage to your feet it’s best not to use foot spas.

Well fitting shoes and comfortable socks can help to protect your feet from injury and skin damage, and stop hard skin from building up. This helps to prevent wounds and sores from developing.

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