As a young and healthy individual, I am guilty of taking for granted my feet and the incredible work that they do for me every day. Before this year, keeping an eye on my foot health never even crossed my mind. I never moisturised them, I never filed them, and I’ve only ever visited a podiatrist once in 22 years… bad, I know! The worst thing is, I’ve often thought about how sore my feet are and never once stopped to do anything about it.

So, what prompted my change of behaviour?

It wasn’t until this year that I started to take my foot health seriously, after experiencing numerous foot problems which have all caused me a substantial amount of pain. Despite my parents telling me time and time again, “fashion shoes don’t provide any support for your feet,” I’ve worn flat, unsupportive, fashion shoes pretty much every day for 8 years, and now I’m starting to pay the price.

Over the years, I’ve steadily seen a change in my foot shape. My foot arch has lowered and my big toe has started to point inwards. The bone often feels sensitive, clicks and I sometimes I experience shooting pains. So, I started to think. If I’m experiencing this now at 22 years of age, what am I going to be like when I’m in my 80s?! To top it all off, bunions run in my family. I’ve seen how my grandparents suffered and I don’t want that for myself!

Aside from the worry of developing bunions, I often get a bruise on the ball of both feet and have done for years. I’m not sure what it is, but it always appears in the exact same shape, every time… it’s bizarre! (See the photo below). There’s no rhyme or reason to when it occurs… sometimes I’ve been wearing heels, sometimes non-heeled, supportive boots. It can honestly be so painful, that sometimes I have to adapt the way I walk.

After experiencing all of these foot problems, it has really made me stop and think. I need to start taking my feet seriously. Why was all this was happening? And what could I do to help myself? I started to research online the foot problems I’d been experiencing and took advice from podiatrists. This highlighted, as I already knew, the importance of wearing supportive, properly fitted footwear. Other advice suggested the benefits of orthotic insoles; in built arch support which helps fallen arches, flat feet and pronation problems which can result in bunions.

So, I decided to buy some orthotic insoles, online, to fit into my shoes and secondly, I made the big decision to stop wearing pointed shoes. All women know how hard this is! I absolutely LOVE pointed shoes, so it wasn’t easy, but I’ve decided they’re just not worth it anymore.

After wearing insoles for just 2 weeks, I honestly noticed a big difference. I could feel how the weight was being distributed evenly and the pressure was taken of my big toe. Result! Which meant I could still wear fashionable (but not pointed) shoes, with the help of orthotics.

After this, I booked my first ever podiatrist appointment, which was so helpful! The podiatrist highlighted how important it is to moisturise and check your feet daily and the importance of having regular podiatry appointments. I will now continue to book an appointment with a podiatrist every few months.

So, my advice to all young individuals is to “Feel Your Feet” and what’s more, listen to them and seek advice for problems you have! If they’re bruised, why? If their shape has changed, why? If you’re in pain, why?!

Yes, I am young, but it doesn’t mean that I am immune to foot problems. If you’re experiencing pain, I encourage you to get advice. Your local podiatrist will work wonders. It certainly worked for me.

After all, you only have one pair of feet.



The shape of the bruise on my foot.
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