I first encountered Judith when I had something in the pad of my right foot.

Originally I’d been given antibiotics and had to go to hospital for two nights, but when I went to see Judith she found glass splinters in the base of the foot which she expertly removed.

I then had a red lump on the side of my other foot which was diagnosed as gout. Again I was given antibiotics by the doctor but they were doing nothing. I went to Judith and she sent me for an X-ray to check I had no infection in the bone. With that confirmed, she lanced the area. She made a small cut and drew out about half a cupful of what appeared like putty. It was remarkable. I’d never seen anything like it.

She followed it up with after treatment to ensure it was healing properly and it is now clearing up nicely.

I can’t over-estimate how painful and debilitating gout can be. Judith’s care was excellent. She identified the problem and dealt with it straight away. Any problems with my feet and I’d be back there straight away.

Thank you to Derek, one of our community members for sharing his story.

To find out more about gout take a look at Dr Anders’ recent blog post on the condition.

And if you have suffered from gout, please tell us about your experience here in the Feel Your Feet community.

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