The Feel Your Feet Community

WHAT is a community? How do we define it, and what it brings to us?

Feel Your Feet stands as an exemplar of what a community should be, and what it can achieve. A supportive online forum where members can openly discuss the impact foot problems have had on their lives and their worries about their feet. A place of support and knowledge where people can take steps towards positive foot health and connect with others who want nothing more than to help.

It is a place where you will never feel lost or alone. A place that will shine a guiding light of reassurance as professional partners provide advice and guidance.

We understand that foot issues come with deep emotional significance. Too often they are laughed off. Too often the emphasis is on making people feel odd, different, or marginalised. Society has created a situation where shame and silence walk hand-in-hand.

At Feel Your Feet, no-one is here to judge. Talk with us, and our community, and you will see how readily and genuinely people talk back. The beauty is that you too can, if you so wish, become one of those people. Not only will you benefit from the Feel Your Feet community, but you will help others overcome their problems, encouraging people to share their experiences and stories to grow the foot health community and inspire people to take care of their feet.

Loneliness is not a nice place – at Feel Your Feet you are never alone. You are not a ‘me’, you’re an ‘us’.

Action for change

Feel Your Feet wants to make a difference. We want to make your voice heard. We know from long experience that people are being let down by a lack of preventative foot health care and that their needs are absolutely not being met. Instead, they are being cast adrift, left to flounder alone in a vast sea of misinformation just at the exact time they need rescue.

The larger the Feel Your Feet community, the better we can effect change, the better we can make the decision-makers see that foot health is not a minor issue. It is at the very heart of the future of the NHS, not just because of the diabetes epidemic, but because it is at the root of a plethora of conditions throughout the body.

A Friend for Life

At Feel Your Feet, you will find people who are variously strong-willed, comforting, sympathetic, empathetic, humorous, and caring. You will find those who are always listening. Put simply, you will find friendship. Real friendship.

Come and say hello. We’ll do the rest.

Simply head over to our Home page and click ‘Join The Community’.

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