At my next appointment I walked in and sat down and was asked the usual question of how are you getting on. When the cast was fitted I walked like I had had one too many, but now 3 weeks down the road it was to me just like any other shoe.

I explained I was OK and removed the boot and sock and pulled off the dressing (can I just say I am very proud of how I can dress a toe). As she looked at it she commented that it was looking good but then asked what had happened here.

Then came the killer “I know Sue probably does a good job but things like this leads to infection, you think you are just removing hard skin but because of this you are making it much harder for me.”

I sat like a scalded child nodding silently in agreement when really I wanted to explode.  I can’t really put into words how angry I was, I was seething.  By the time I got home that night I was totally disengaged, and was so focused on doing it my way that I ripped off the dressing that had been applied and put my dressing on.

I left raging it’s my wound, my toe, my body. If I want to feel like I am taking care of it who are you to tell me otherwise.

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