I am a diabetic and have neuropathy – all the nerve endings in my feet are dead. Technically, you could take my nails off with no anaesthetic without me feeling a thing.

Recently I had an odd feeling on the base of my foot, like there was a stone in my shoe. I inspected my foot, as I do every night, but could see nothing except a hard area of skin. Two weeks ago, with my foot still feeling uncomfortable, I went to see Judith and she noticed a small hole. She took a look and eased out a sizeable piece of glass.

Foot problems and diabetes

It was frightening to think it had been in my foot for almost two months – that’s when I first noticed the discomfort. If someone as careful as me, who checks their feet all the time, can miss a sizeable piece of glass being in my foot, then how many other people who aren’t so careful have got things in their feet without knowing?

In the case of a diabetic, this is potentially life-changing. An infection could lead to amputation. It is examples like this that we need to be highlighting. We need to use podiatrists’ expertise and we need to check our feet. That combination will save many people’s lower limbs.

I really would encourage people to join the Feel Your Feet community and discuss your experiences.



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