My appointment with podiatry arrived, I was feeling a little anxious as I kinda felt like I was a naughty boy. I was messing with something I shouldn’t be messing with or I knew that’s what they would think or say. I walked in and sat down my podiatrist looked at it and knew it was not any farther forward than it had been when she’d last seen it, in fact it was a little worse. Then the emotion hit and I just fell to bits and let it all out. The outcome of this was a realisation that this was getting to me and although it was now a tiny wound in relation to how it had started, something needed to be done. That something was to put the foot in a cast. The genius behind this was to make an ankle cast and then to cut the cast and make it like a boot with Velcro. This would enable me to ride to work then put the boot on and ride home and do the same. Taking the weight off and being able to be mobile was great, it actually felt like now I would be on the home straight.

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