I am a type one diabetic diagnosed at the age of 2 I have never known life without this condition.  Nearly 7 years ago I developed a foot ulcer which almost resulted in a partial amputation of my left foot, with high doses of antibiotics and a lot of determination I managed to beat the infection and keep the foot.  However my left foot now is always at risk.  Most recently I have developed another ulceration of my big toe and this has been to the point of closure and healing on several occasions but just as I am getting there it will break down again.


The sure way to get it to heal is to not walk, keep pressure off it sit down and rest it, to me this is not an option; I have a full time job within the NHS I have two dogs and lead an active life, stopping is not an option.  The impact of this on me has been huge, it has stopped me doing many of the things I have wanted, I feel the pressure that I have let my partner down because of my inability to go on holidays or even away for a weekend as sightseeing is something I can’t do or risk. 


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