Today we welcome Anna to the blog who discusses her experience of congenital talipes. Read Anna’s story below.

“I was born with congenital talipes (formerly known as club foot) and have had multiple operations to correct it, which has left me with bad scar tissue. I used to go somewhere which dealt with the more cosmetic side of the issue whereas Judith has looked at me more long-term. She has focused not just on the foot but wider issues such as walking.

Judith recommended I go to her more regularly and it has really worked. I get a build-up of hard dry skin and the balm from her Feel Your Feet range has really helped to keep the area moisturised, which has helped enormously. It has helped me feel a lot better – I’m on my feet all day as a hairdresser and it can start to ache.

There are options for me to have more surgery, but we are talking about cosmetic procedures. I need something that helps me on a practical basis day to day, and that’s what I have found with Judith. She has helped me such a lot.”

Anna, 21

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