I have two corns on my left foot, one on the ball and one on the side an inch or so below my little toe. I’ve had them more than 30 years and they’ve caused me a lot of discomfort. Initially, I went to the doctor in my 20s and he said they were verrucas. I was putting an acid verruca treatment on them which damaged the layers of my feet and later made the corns harder to treat.

I started going to Dr Anders four years ago and she has kept on top of the condition ever since. I began using the Dr Anders Foot Balm three times a week, and at the same time started spending less time physically on my feet. The combination of the two worked well. The balm helped break down the hard skin and resting my feet more allowed them to heal considerably.

I have to live with this condition so I need to manage it in a way that causes least discomfort. There have been times when it has almost been too painful to walk, so to find someone, and something, that helps so much has been incredible.

I’ve also been troubled with very flaky skin on my feet and since I’ve used the balm that has improved as well. My feet now look better than they have for ten years.

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