I’ve been a podiatrist for over 20 years and continue to be inspired by how incredible our feet are. I’m fascinated by how they function, yet humbled by the impact foot problems can have on people’s lives.

I first wanted to become a podiatrist aged just 8 after receiving treatment for a verruca! Some years later I commenced my career in the NHS where I developed a keen interest in treating people with diabetes and eventually became part of a team treating people with serious foot problems. I then decided to advance my skills and completed an MSc in Practitioner Research Methods.

This led to a move into industry where I initiated a diabetic foot health awareness programme, working closely with people with diabetes, other health care professionals and experts in patient information.

My passion to drive change and improve our understanding of the challenges people with diabetes face motivated me to undertake my PhD which was entitled “Understanding Perceptions of Foot Health in Diabetes”. As a result of this work I feel more strongly than ever that people’s foot health experiences and stories need to be shared.

I know however that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for feet and they can often provoke reactions of revulsion, disdain or indifference. We only pay attention to them when something goes wrong, yet obsess about our wrinkles, waistlines and hairstyles.

Our feet work so hard for us every day, foot problems are common and not all feet are perfect. If we gave our feet a little more attention we could prevent many problems from developing.

My mission is to help you understand how foot problems occur and enable you to take better care of your feet. If you feel them, check them, connect with them you may start to nurture them a little more, surely they deserve that!

I’m confident that together we can create a new momentum to appreciate how important our feet are. Join the Feel Your Feet community today and share your stories about how you feel about your feet, the concerns you have and the impact foot problems may have had on your life.